OFTEC-Approved Teaching Courses for Handling Oil Boilers

Anglia Heating Training Ltd provide candidates with an extensive range of training courses, to help create an excellent understanding and competency of oil boilers. 

From our base in Wymondham, we have combined in conjunction with Grant Boilers to provide a range of boilers for our OFTEC-approved courses, which prove great training aids to begin or refresh your skills in the oil business.

Beginning to Work with Oil

Whether you wish to advance in your profession or are just starting out, the oil-fired equipment training and OFTEC training courses we offer are sure to help you on the path to progression. Anglia Heating Training delivers a number of valuable training courses to ensure the competency and understanding of every individual.

Versatile Application

Ideal for engineers working in remote areas where gas is unavailable, the training we provide covers pressure jet oil-fired equipment within domestic properties. Providing ample learning for engineers to develop their qualifications while accommodating those who are just starting out, we cover all aspects of the topic across a range of approachable courses. Water storage training is also available.

Thorough Training Courses Approved by OFTEC

Designed by OFTEC, our courses enable engineers to competently install, service, and commission oil-fired equipment. OFT 50 is our entry level training course designed for engineers who aren't already working in the oil industry. 

Enabling candidates to undertake more advanced courses, this training delivers classroom and exercise-based materials. Unnecessary for those who are already OFTEC registered, OFT 50 will instruct engineers on the disassembly and reassembly of oil-fired pressure jet boilers and components. Comprised of a number of elements, the courses are divided as follows:

Thorough Training Courses Approved by OFTEC

  • OFT50: Entry Level Oil Course

  • OFT 101: Servicing and Commissioning of Oil-Fired Equipment

  • OFT 105: Installation of Oil-Fired Equipment

  • OFT 600: Installation of Oil Tanks and Oil Supply Lines

Contact us for more information on our work with oil boilers and our OFTEC-approved training courses, available to candidates across the UK.