Manufacturers Training

At Anglia Heating Training we love to work with Manufacturers and have been very lucky to have had boilers and other equipment donated by a number of them. We all like to encourage as much training as possible, wherever possible, so we are working with a number of Manufacturers to host their own Training Days on their products within our centre.

Ideal Boilers were the first to approach us regarding training, and we have offered the service with them for some years now – they have recently redesigned how they wish to display their boilers for training purposes and have installed the new system in our centre as shown in the picture above. We have a list of potential dates they wish to host training at Anglia Heating Training from March through to December in 2022. These dates will be confirmed as soon as we can and posted on our website as well as the Ideal website.

We are looking forward to some of the other manufacturers that we work with being able to hold the same kind of training, and will accommodate each and every one of them where possible, and of course update our website accordingly.


17th & 18th March                                       4th & 5th August

20th & 21st April                                           7th & 8th September

18th & 19th May                                           5th & 6th October

9th & 10th June                                             2nd & 3rd November

7th & 8th July                                                 14th & 15th December