Domestic Heating and Appliances
With an ever increasing number of engineers attending the centre, we like to offer as much variety as possible, and so we are always changing, adding to or updating our facilities in order to give the best possible service we can to all of our customers.

Delivery of our Courses
We like to ensure customers stay interested in their courses and enjoy it too! We use a variety of ways in order to deliver our training, and as well as theory training, we do a lot of practical training and practice!!

Although you may have worked in the industry for some time, as you know things change rapidly. In our Domestic core course, we cover as many changes as possible, which may include BS updates, IGEM updates, manufacturers technical information, and technical bulletins. We have a very big training area with a multitude and range of appliances for technical training.

CENWAT Training
Our CENWAT course ensures candidates are able to competently install domestic boilers of specifications up to 70KW. This course covers the installation, servicing, and commission of gas boilers and water heaters. Working both academically and practically, candidates will gain an understanding of the trade to apply that understanding in a work environment.

CKR Courses
Within the cookers course, we focus on the installation, servicing, and commissioning of cookers in a domestic environment. Involving a range of classroom exercises, we will also cover the physical aspects of working with a cooker.

HTR Courses
Covering a variety of gas fires and wall heaters, this training course will ensure candidates are fully capable of installing, servicing, and commissioning these important home appliances.

DAH Training
In this course, candidates will concentrate on the many facets of installing, servicing, and commissioning ducted air heaters within the domestic environment.