Core Gas Safety Training and Other Domestic Trade Courses

Domestic appliances are crucial to keeping homes ticking over, Anglia Heating Training Ltd ensures to give you the tools and experience needed to ensure you are competent with a range of products. 

From our base in Wymondham, we utilise teachers with over 40 years of experience, with our courses ranging from core gas safety to cookers ensure you are comfortable in any domestic situation.

Our Training Appliances

We have a wide range of appliances within our training area for candidates to learn on. All appliances are installed properly and are in working order, to provide as close to real life training as possible. They are used to train, fault-find, and practice on for as long as the engineers need or want to. The training area is separate to the assessment areas, ensuring impartiality when being assessed.

Our Variation of Informative Courses

The courses we provide are focused on the various elements of domestic work, ensuring that a comprehensive collection of topic are available. The result is training that makes sure candidates are competent in the working environment. These courses deliver the material legally required to undertake gas work, with certifications and qualifications received upon the successful completetion of the applicable course. Training for work in the commercial envionment is also available.

CCN1 Training

Core Gas Safety is the first basic course, that is carried out before further courses may be considered. Concerning rudimentary gas safety, this training includes academical and practical work to achieve competency when working with gas.

CENWAT Training

Our CENWAT course ensures candidates are able to competently install domestic boilers of specifications up to 70KW. This course covers the installation, servicing, and commission of gas boilers and water heaters. Working both academically and practically, candidates will gain an understanding of the trade to apply that understanding in a work environment.

CKR Courses

Within the cookers course, we focus on the installation, servicing, and commissioning of cookers in a domestic environment. Involving a range of classroom exercises, we will also cover the physical aspects of working with a cooker.

HTR Courses

Covering a variety of gas fires and wall heaters, this training course will ensure candidates are fully capable of installing, servicing, and commissioning these important home appliances.

DAH Training

In this course, candidates will concentrate on the many facets of installing, servicing, and commissioning ducted air heaters within the domestic environment.

CPA Training

The Combustion Performance Analysis training ensures candidates are trained and assessed in the successful use of flue gas analysers. Working with candidates, we make sure that they are able to carry out flue gas analysis tests when commissioning, servicing, and maintaining appliances.

Contact us for more information on the range of domestic and core gas safety training courses we provide for engineers across the UK.