We have 2 dedicated areas for Commercial, one for training and one for assessing. We have purchased new equipment for training and have plenty of used equipment as well for demonstrating faults that may arise. Our assessment area is completely separate, so all assessing is impartial and fair.

The Commercial Courses we offer are:
COCN1: Commercial Core
CoDNC01: Commercial Changeover
ICPN1: Commercial Pipework
CIGA: Indirect Gas Appliances
CORT: Radiant tubes and Plaques
CDGA: Commercial Direct Fired Appliances
TPCP1/1A: Testing & Purging


On our Commercial side, we can also offer Commercial Laundry as either a core ~ CCLNG1 or a changeover CoCCLNG1, with CLE1 to cover the Laundry appliance. We have 2 different appliances here for the training and assessing.