Preparing Engineers for Commercial Trade and Catering Work across the UK

Whether you are looking to enter the commercial trade as a catering or heating engineer, Anglia Heating Training Ltd ensures to thoroughly prepare you with our extensive training courses. 

Our staff in Wymondham utilise over 40 years of experience to provide two commercial courses for our candidates, with additional training available to ensure employers you will work on any project with ease.

Appliances Our Training Covers

Involving a mixture of physical and academic learning, our heating engineer courses culminate in assessments. A range of appliances are covered, including:

Appliances Our Training Covers

  • COCN1: Full Commercial Heating Core

  • CoDNCO1: Changeover from Domestic Core


  • Commercial Laundry Core

  • CIGA: Commercial Indirect Fired Gas Appliances up to 1.8 Megawatts

  • CORT: Commercial Radiant Tubes and Plaque Heaters

  • CDGA: Commercial Direct Fired Gas Appliances

  • CLE1: Commercial Leisure Appliances and Commercial Laundry Equipment

  • ICPN1: Installation of Commercial Pipework

  • TPCP1A: Testing and Purging Gas Pipework up to 1 Cubic Metre

  • TCPC1: Testing and Purging Gas Pipework in Excess of 1 Cubic Metre

Our Commercial Catering Courses

The commercial catering courses we offer consist of multiple forms of training. Referred to as the commercial core for catering installations, these modules are divided into:

Our Commercial Catering Courses

  • CCCN1: Full Commercial Catering Core

  • CoDC1: Changeover from Domestic Core to Commercial Catering Core

  • COMCAT 1: For the Installation, Servicing, and Commissioning of Commercial Catering Cookers

  • COMCAT 3: For the installation, servicing, and commissioning of commercial gas fryers

  • COMCAT 5: Forced Draught Catering Equipment

Contact us for more information on the commercial trade training and catering courses we provide for engineering candidates across the UK.